Emergency boxes

For more than 20 years, we have been drying water-damaged books, archival materials and records in our freeze and vacuum drying facilities. Our experience in salvaging, cleaning and packing water-damaged records and our exchange with colleagues has led us to develop and market an emergency box set.

Our emergency box set consists of a transport cart, a special tabletop foil dispenser and three individual plastic boxes filled with the following contents:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Cleaning and packaging
  • Documentation

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

The plastic boxes are easily stackable, very mobile on the transport cart provided and do not take up much space. The compact dimensions and ergonomic handles make the boxes easy to move for everyone. In each box is a laminated contents list on top. In addition, a laminated contents list OUTSIDE is also attached to one narrow side and one long side, making it easy to see what is in which box.

Expiration dates are noted on the contents lists so that the user can check whether, for example, the batteries in the flashlights are still likely to be functional or might need to be replaced. Customers can also be reminded by us if they wish.

The contents of the emergency box set reflect the years of experience of many institutions that have had practical experience with water damage. In addition, water damage incidents where we at Schempp have been called in over the last 25 years have been taken into account.

For example, the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley in 2021 showed that simple flutter tape can keep away overly curious onlookers. Marker chalk pens, which also work on wet flooring and show the way, have also proved their worth in practice. An emergency exercise at the Central Land Registry Archive brought the realization that shower wall squeegees can quickly and reliably clean up work surfaces during a salvage operation.

All our experience in rational packing has led to the development and production of a table foil dispenser. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. It is stable, heavy and has non-slip rubber feet, so it can stand firmly even on a wet work surface without screw clamps. The separation of the foil pieces is done by a cutting roller, which, unlike cutting knives, does not pose any risk of injury and can therefore be used safely even by laymen. The film roll is dimensioned in such a way that standard stretch films from the packaging sector with a width of 50 cm and a running length of 300 meters can be inserted and unwound without any problems. This means that one roll is sufficient for 300 folders in DIN A4 format.

The table foil dispenser is also available separately.

We would be pleased if you decide to purchase the emergency box set from Schempp. It offers high quality and practical details with a good price-performance ratio.

If YOU have any questions or suggestions, we are at your disposal.
And naturally, in case of damage!