SchemppBox Type 1: Wrap-around box

Wrap-around boxes are universally applicable. Books, files and loose sheets can be easily and safely stored in them. They are suitable for upright and horizontal storage. In addition to their easy handling, their advantages include the fact that they are also suitable for very thin individual items for which slip-on or hinged lid boxes can no longer be used.
The boxes can be produced in almost any format.
Wrap-around boxes are assembled in just a few steps.

SB 11: Wrap-around box with protective layer


This wrap-around box has a protective layer to protect the inserted object from the insertion of the closing tab.
The SB 11 is the standard version of a wrap-around box.

SB 12: Wrap-around box without protective layer


The SB 12 is a simplified version of the SB 11. It does not have a protective layer and therefore requires less material.

SB 13: Wrap-around box with open spine


This wrap-around box is mostly used in libraries. One side is open, leaving a clear view of the spine.
This construction is usually made of archival cardboard.

SB 14: Wrap-around box in folder form


This design is similar to a folder. For this, the top and bottom flaps enclose and protect the object. The other two flaps then close the wrap-around box.