Customised protective packaging

Books, archival records, documents, but also other objects of historical collections such as textiles all come in different sizes.

As well as being constructed of ageing resistant material, the packaging container should be custom-made and fit precisely in order to not only exclude harmful environmental influences, but also to effectively protect the valuable objects mechanically.

These considerations were the basis for the development of a computer-aided manufacturing process for custom-made protective packaging, which began in our company as early as 1991.
Using an advanced CAD programme, the suitable design is selected, the material is determined and the object dimensions are entered. From this, the software calculates the development of the box.

This is also the core competence and strength of the Schempp company when it comes to protective packaging. No matter whether you need individual items or hundreds of copies, we are happy to fulfil special customer requests at any time.
Closing mechanisms, handling components or other customisations are no problem at all.
Some designs require a minimum filling height or minimum thickness, however, otherwise we are limited in size only by the dimensions of the blank sheet; but boxes up to 4 metres and longer are also possible by means of plug-in connections and precise gluing.

With the help of our digital measuring devices, even large numbers of irregular objects can be measured in a very short time. We are happy to provide you with these measuring devices on loan or come to you and measure the stock ourselves.
Customers often have us clean and measure their stock. We then make the customised protective packaging, set up the boxes and also affix catalogue labels to them. Finally, we box the stock and put it back in its place.

As standard, we ship our protective packaging flat, but we are also happy to construct the protective packaging for you.

At you will find a video of some construction instructions.