SchemppBox Type 0: Box accessories

This product segment usually has no independent function, but serves mainly as an accessory to boxes. They improve the properties of the boxes or make their use more comfortable.
These constructions can be manufactured in almost any format and manual adaptation or modifications according to customer requirements are always possible.

SB 01: Shelves, intermediate shelves

Shelves can be used to increase the load capacity of a box.
Intermediate shelves serve to separate different objects within a box.
They can be made with bevelled corners for easier removal.

SB 02: Filling aids, leveling aids

Filling or levelling aids are used when boxes are not completely filled by the objects inserted.
As an example, thin batches of sheets do not collapse when stored upright.

SB 03: Liftig aids

With the help of lifting aids, objects can be gently placed in and removed from the boxes.

SB 03 H: Lifting aids for tubes

Lifting aids especially for tubes facilitate their removal from precisely fitting protective packaging.

SB 04: Coin boards

Panels cut accurately to fit individual size and shape enable single or multiple objects to be safely stored in a box.
Coins, medals and loose seals are just a few examples of objects stored in such panels.

SB 05: Inserts for dividing boxes (e.g. raster inserts)

Inserts are used to subdivide boxes, but also of plan cupboard compartments and drawers.

Mounting material for certificates and seals

Mounting material for certificates and seals serves to securely fix these objects in the storage boxes.
Angles, straight lines, circles and semicircles are just a few shapes from our range.

SB 07: Supports

Various supports are used in boxes to store objects safely or to prevent them from resting on the bottom of the boxes.

SB 07 H: Supports for tubes


Supports for tubes allow these to be stored in a floating position.
Rolled-up objects are thus optimally protected and stored.
SB 07 H can either be customised and glued into boxes or manufactured for free-standing storage.

SB 08: Stackable trays

Stackable trays allow several flat objects (e.g., documents) to be stored on top of each other in one box.

SB 09: Passepartouts


Passepartouts serve as frames into which delicate objects can be inserted.