Book and print restoration

“Restoration in the area of conflict between ethics, quality and expense”.

Damage to archival and library materials can vary greatly. They range from superficial soiling, stains, folds and creases, tears and missing parts to acidic, brittle paper and ink corrosion.

As varied as the damage patterns and their causes are, as diverse are the restoration options. In addition to traditional treatment, modern methods for the economic treatment of damage are in the foreground.

Restoration of books, files, documents, manuscripts, maps, technical drawings, posters and prints
  • Paper restoration of archival, library and collection materials
  • Deacidification of single sheets
  • Repair of defects on the suction table or on the long-sieve bevelling device
  • Strengthening paper by gluing and over-gluing
  • Bleaching
  • Restoration and reconstruction of all types of book bindings
  • Restoration of documents and seals