SchemppBox Type 2: Slip lid box

Slip lid boxes consist of two-parts, a base and a lid.
All constructions do not require clamps or metal parts. They are either assembled using plug-in constructions or glued together with an adhesive suitable for archives.
This type of box is particularly suitable for horizontal storage.
Archival and written material as well as museum collections of all kinds, such as textiles, archaeological finds, etc., can be safely stored in these boxes.
The boxes can be produced in almost any format. However, depending on the size of the box and the thickness of the material, the interior height should not fall below a certain level. Larger boxes can be made from several pieces and glued together.
All boxes are optionally available with a shortened lid.

SB 21: Slip lid box

In this standard version, two opposite side walls of the base and lid are each folded over with double wall thickness.
This means that the closed box has a triple wall thickness.
The long side of the base is usually made with a double wall thickness.

SB 21N: Slip lid box with reinforced side walls

IIn contrast to the standard SB 21, the same sides are folded over in the base and lid of the SB 21N. This means that very large boxes can usually be produced without gluing.
Alternatively, very long, narrow and stable telescope boxes can also be produced in this way.

SB 21 HS Flap: Slip lid box


With a SB 21 HS flap we can produce relatively high slip lid boxes.
One side of this box can always be folded out. The lid is shortened.

SB 22: Slip lid box with reinforced side walls

In this version, all four side walls in the base and lid have a double wall thickness.
When closed, the box thus has four times the wall thickness all around.

SB 23 K: Slip lid box (glued)

This construction does not require the folding technique. Here, the side walls are firmly glued together.
If the folding technique cannot be used due to the dimensions, this type of box is chosen.
This type of box is suitable for tall or very large objects.

SB 24: Slip lid box with one fold-out side panel

One side of the bottom of this box with slip lid can be folded out. By default, this is one long side.
However, at the customer’s request, two sides or a wide side can be folded out.


SB 25: Slip lid box with one fold-out side panel reinforced

A mixture SB 24 and SB 22, this box has double wall thickness all around in the base and lid.
In addition, one long side can be folded out as standard.

SB 26 K: Slip lid box with one fold-out side panel glued

As with an SB 23 K, this type of box is glued. In addition, a side wall can be folded out.
This construction is particularly suitable for tall and narrow objects.


SB 27 K: Slip lid box – glued and reinforced


The bottom and side walls of an SB 23 K are additionally reinforced using glued-in blanks.