SchemppBox Type 4: Archive boxes

These boxes are mainly used in filing and archiving, but also in library and museum collections.
They can be used to store documents, brochures, magazines, loose sheets of paper and other individual objects either horizontally or vertically.
The boxes can be produced in almost any format.
An upper size for the production of the corpus from one piece results from the dimension of the blank sheet. Larger boxes must be made from several pieces and glued together.
There are standard boxes for the most common archive formats.
The archive boxes with front flap in the versions SB 41 to 44 belong to the more demanding constructions. We advise you to use a bone folder when assembling the boxes so that you can insert the tabs undamaged and more easily into the corresponding slots.

SB 41: Archive box for horizontal storage with attached front flap

In this archive box, the attached front flap is part of the body, thus the SB 41 consists of a single part.

SB 42: Archive box with insert attached to the slide-in front flap

This version consists of two parts, a body and attached front flap forming a drawer. The contents of the box can be easily pulled out through the drawer.

SB 43: Archive box SB 41, but with separate drawer with four side panels


This archive box contains a drawer with four fixed side panels.
The front flap is firmly attached to the body.
The height of the drawer can be specified independently of the height of the box itself.

SB 44: Archive box for upright storage with side-opening front flap

This design has a front flap that opens sideways to the front.
It is particularly suitable for storing standing objects.

SB 45: Quiver

This box is particularly suitable for storing long, narrow objects.
Rolled maps or posters in particular are stored here safely and in a space-saving manner.

SB 46: Archive box for side-standing storage with flap at the top of one long side

This version is designed for side-standing storage.
Optionally, the front can be folded out at the top.

SB 47: Archive box for upright storage with flap at the top of a narrow side

This version of an archive box is designed for standing storage on the narrow side.