Type 5: slipcase, magazine file, book shoe

Slipcases are used as protective packaging for books when the spine of the book should be visible on the shelf, for example to preserve the appearance of a historical library.
Magazine files are mainly used to hold together various individual objects such as brochures, magazines or similar.
In the system of slipcases with matching magazine file is used to safely store particularly valuable or fragile books, brochures, magazines or loose bundles.
Book shoes are a simple technique for protecting books.
The boxes can be produced in almost any format.
The upper size for the production from one piece depends on the dimensions of the blank sheet. Larger boxes must be made from several pieces and glued together.
For the SB 51 slipcase, make sure that the two double grooves are folded over well.

SB 51: Slipcase

This slipcase is a pure plug-in construction without any metal parts, clamps or gluing

SB 52: Magazine file

The bottom of this fold-together construction consists of four sides that interlock. An additional shelf provides a flat bottom surface.

SB 53: Slipcase with matching magazine file

This type of box is a combination of SB 51 and SB 52.

SB 54 K: Book shoe, glued

The book shoe offers simple protection of the covers when inserting and lifting out of the shelf. The front and upper sides are open.

SB 55: Slipcase with matching book shoe

This type of box is a combination of SB 51 and SB 54K

SB 56: Slipcase with protective layer of archival cardboard

This box type is a combination of SB 51 and SB 92