Fire damage

Fire damage is caused directly by direct exposure to fire (flames) or indirectly by high heat: Provided there is no total loss, there are burns, charring on the edges of the leaves and on the binding, and the paper dries out. As a rule, the fumes leave behind an oily, greasy film and a permanent acrid smell. We provide:

  • Assessment of the affected materials with regard to type, extent and degree of damage
  • Salvaging, packing and removal of the objects
  • Cleaning of the objects, mechanical removal of visible deposits (as far as possible)
  • Odour removal or reduction with ozone (as far as the target material permits)
  • Assessment of the condition and damage and proposals for treatment
  • If necessary, preparation of replacement or use media (analogue or digital)
  • Execution of necessary restoration work
  • Return transport and storage in the stacks

Read our leaflet “Fire damage and its treatment” here (PDF, 58 KiB)

You can find information on precautionary measures and what to do in the event of an accident in our “Precautionary measures” section.