SchemppBox Type 3: Hinged-lid box

Hinged lid boxes consist of one part and are usually assembled using plug-in constructions. They do not require clamps or other metal parts.
Hinged lid boxes are also available in glued versions at the customer’s request.
Hinged lid boxes are used in a variety of ways and are suitable for both upright and horizontal storage.
Books and other hard-bound objects can be stored upright.
Loose sheets of paper, documents, prints and certificates can be stored horizontally in hinged lid boxes.
A particular advantage is the possibility of holding the object from one side when the box is open, so that it can be gently placed in or removed.
The boxes can be produced in almost any format. However, depending on the size of the box and the thickness of the material, the interior height should not be less than a certain height.
All boxes are optionally available with a shortened lid.

SB 31: Hinged-lid box

In this version, both long sides are turned over with double wall thickness. When closed, the box has a quadruple wall thickness on the right, a double wall thickness on the top/bottom and a single wall thickness on the left (at the back).

SB 31 A: Hinged-lid box with filing mechanism

This hinged lid box with filing mechanism is a special design in which pockets for storing individual objects such as photos, banknotes and documents can be stapled in.
The bottom is reinforced with solid cardboard, the filing mechanisms are available with a 2 or 4 mechanism as standard.

SB 32: Hinged lid box with reinforced side walls

This variant has three side walls each with double wall thickness.
When the box is closed, all sides except the back have a fourfold wall thickness.
The spine side has single wall thickness.

SB 33 K: Hinged-lid box, glued and reinforced

This version with reinforced side walls, reinforced bottom and lid and reinforced spine does not require the folding technique.
Side walls and reinforcements are glued with adhesive suitable for archives.

SB 34: Hinged lid box with four fixed side panels

This hinged lid box has four fixed side panels. The lid can also be offered in a shortened version.