Protective packaging for cultural property

Among the most important causes of damage to original documents include storage and transport conditions.

Unprotected archival material, books, maps or photographs are constantly exposed to dust and light. Every time they are lifted out of the storage shelves or put back, mechanical damage is inevitable, as is the case when they are simply transported to the user room.

There are enough other dangers for the objects and not everything can be foreseen or influenced. Damage due to unprotected storage or transport, however, can be avoided with little effort:

  • Suitable packaging keeps out dust and light and protects during movement and transport.
  • Climate fluctuations in storage rooms or during relocation/transport are mitigated.
  • In the event of mould growth due to unfavourable storage conditions, packaged objects are usually better protected for a certain period of time.
  • Even endogenous processes such as paper ageing and acid formation can be delayed because they proceed more quickly when exposed to light.
  • In the case of accidents, it makes a big difference whether, for example, water hits the file or book directly or whether a cardboard box gets wet first.
  • Similarly in the case of fire: Protective packaging can keep smoke fumes away from the objects to a large extent and the effect of heat can also be reduced.
  • Finally, protective packaging can also keep pests such as silver fish or biscuit beetles away.

Each object should be stored individually under the best possible conditions and protected from harmful influences such as light, air pollution, climatic fluctuations, infestation by micro-organisms or pests, in special containers.

The starting point and focus of our work is in the field of developing and manufacturing protective packaging for cultural property.
Our core competence lies in the individual customisation of protective packaging of the highest quality.

Most of our packaging products are purely folded together, requiring no staples, rivets or similar.
This ensures that our packaging fully fulfils the desired protective function.

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